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12:25 pm - Tue, Jul 22, 2014
Q: How do I know if I have OCD?

Hey sweetie, 

The best way to know whether or not you have OCD is to speak to a professional (therapist, doctor, etc…) about it. They are the ones who can officially diagnose you, and they can also give you lots of ways to deal with it (I know it can be really difficult sometimes). 

Would you be open to talking about this with a medical professional? 

Stay lovely,

12:14 pm
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Q: I think I have paranoia, can you tell me the common symptoms?


The common symptoms for paranoia are:

A person with a paranoia is extremely distrustful and suspicious. Other symptoms include:

  • thinking other people are lying to them or trying to manipulate them
  • feeling they cannot really trust their friends and associates
  • worrying any confidential information shared with others will be used against them
  • thinking there are hidden meanings in remarks most would regard as innocent
  • worrying their partner is unfaithful, despite a lack of evidence

I am sure there are more symptoms and people will write in if I am missing anything:)


12:13 pm
Q: I hope Courtney is okay! Lots of love to her!


This is so kind of you to be concerned about me:) I appreciate it so much. I am having a bad week if I am honest, just feeling really depressed and my anxiety was at an all time high the other day but I will be okay soon! Sending lots of love to you too.


12:02 pm
Q: Hi i think what you guys do is very nice and kind, i wish i could hug each one of you and everyone else whos reading this right now. i hope you guys are alright and feeling happy. have a great day ahead! (Or if it's night time, good night and have a nice dream c:)


This is so kind and sweet of you. Lets have an internet hug instead?? We appreciate your kind comments and hope you have a nice day!


12:01 pm
Q: Sorry to bother, but could someone show me asks related to hair/skin/picking/plucking etc?


If you go to the search tags page on our blog you can search what you want to find. Search self harm and skin picking and trichotillomania and you’ll find a ton of asks regarding those topics.


11:32 am
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Q: Time sensitive* so I'm really hungry but I'm afraid go eat because I actually lost a good amount of weight this past month . I don't want to gain it all back ... what should I do ?

Hey darling,

Please eat something, it really is so important that you do so. By restricting your body of the vital nutrients it needs you are potentially putting yourself at serious risk. Losing weight sensibly is okay, but losing a lot of weight in one go can be extremely dangerous.

It does sound to me as though you could be heading down the route of an eating disorder which is something you really don’t want. Of course, I cannot actually diagnose you with anything as I am not a medical professional, but if you continue to feel like this then I would strongly advise you to take a visit to go and see your GP about this preferably sooner rather than later. 

Even if you don’t feel like eating too much right now, please just try to eat a little bit. A little snack or something healthy is not going to do you any harm and will not cause you to put all the weight back on at all! In order to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, the best things that you can do are:

  • Eating and drinking healthily
  • Getting a good nights sleep
  • Regular exercise (as long as you do not overdo it)

I hope that this manages to help even just a little, and that you do manage to eat something soon. Please stay safe and look after yourself.

Take care,

Aimee X

11:14 am
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Q: URGENT I've been on antibiotics and I really want to just drink the whole lot. I'm home alone, and so there would be at least 4hours between me doing so someone finding me. It's so tempting.

Hey darling,

Please, whatever you do, do not drink a lot under any circumstances. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol at any time is not a good idea, but when you are on antibiotics this is an even worse idea. It obviously depends on which antibiotic you are taking, but the main side effects of alcohol when on medication are:

  • breathlessness
  • headaches
  • chest pain
  • skin flushing
  • increased, or irregular, heartbeat
  • lightheadedness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • (source)

If you have drank too much, please do look out for these symptoms and if you begin to experience any of them at any point then please go straight to your local A&E or Emergency Room. There must be a reason as to why you are so tempted to do this as well? Whatever it is, if we can help then please do let us know. Just please don’t cause yourself any harm because the possible consequences are not worth it. 

Take care,

Aimee X

11:12 am
Q: I have trouble remembering things, dunno if this is normal but i usually forget stuff as in if i ate anything today,if people talk to me i forget what they told me,if im mad at something i forget why im mad and what i was about to say. My memory's getting worse i think, my friend says its just regular short term memory but idk its making me worry a lot.-Cam

Hi Cam,

Honestly I experience a similar issue. I think it’s relatively normal to forget things if w don’t make a point to remember them or if they aren’t memorable. Most people forget what they had for breakfast unless it was something new, unusual, or expensive. People ofte forget what they were going to say. I usually need people to repeat things a couple times before I really hear it (I’m not an auditory person, so it’s hard for me to form memories off of sounds anyway). If you’re worried abotu your memory though, talk to a doctor about it. A medical doctor is probably going to be able to assauge your fears the most :)

Much love,

10:28 am
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Q: I hear voices. Like, they're all different and I hear them telling me things all the time. I know you can't diagnose me but is there any way you could suggest why maybe that could be? It scares me. -loudvoices

Hi there, :)

Hearing voices can have a number of causes, some more serious than others, yeah you are right I can’t diagnose you, and I highly recommend that you see a doctor about the voices, you really need to find out what they are for sure, because it could be something you need help with or it could be something not worth worrying about. You don’t need to be scared :) you just need to see the doctor, everything will be fine. 

Here are a few causes:

- Psychotic disorders (most commonly schizophrenia for auditory hallucinations, can also be the manic phase of bipolar disorder)

-High levels of stress

-Sleep deprivation (sleep disorders can especially cause the voices)

-Use of drugs (even excess caffeine I believe)

If you experience these voices while trying to get to sleep or after just having woken up they could be ‘hypnogogic’ hallucinations which are extremely common and aren’t serious, these are often voices that sort of say randomish things, they can be accompanied by visual hallucinations.

If there are any other big ones I’ve missed, anyone reading this can feel free to chip in, much appreciated :).

Please see a doctor, I hope everything works out, and be safe!


9:40 am
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Q: URGENT** (Part 1/3) I can't do it anymore at all and I just don't care what happens to me. It's like I always leave the house with a little confidence and then when I go places I start seeing myself and I realize how fat I am and how ugly I am. I feel so sad all the time and I honestly wish I could just die painlessly. I can't commit suicide because I love my mom and my boyfriend way too much to do that.. But I can't do it anymore... (continued) -S grace

Part (2/3) I told my mom and boyfriend what was going on with me. My boyfriend really tried making me feel better and it worked for a little. But im going into therapy now and I’m afraid to be tested for depression because what if I don’t have it and this is just a hormone thing? That’s what my mom blames it on.. But I don’t really think feeling this bad all the time and wanting to die is a hormone thing.. (cont…) -S grace

Part 3/3 I have cuts in random places so people don’t notice. Some days i feel better than others but it always ends with me feeling like dying. I just don’t see a future for myself and i don’t even want to. I don’t even know if i want help.. Is this possibly just a teenage thing or is there something wrong? Idk I just feel like i need insight I guess, any advice? sorry this is so long. but thankyou -S grace

Hey there,

I think going to a therapist or a psychologist to get diagnosed was a really wise step to take. Your boyfriend sounds amazing and supportive but there are some things love can’t cure or stop which is why seeking help through a professional is one of the best things to consider doing. From what you have been describing it sounds like a therapist could really help, but even if you are not diagnosed with depression, there is a problem that is going on that should be addressed and talked about. Having that low of self esteem, suicidal thoughts, and feeling like you have no future are serious things to be talked out and helped with. If it’s been happening over a long period of time, you feel down for long periods of time, it impedes in daily functioning, even if just a bit, then you may have something relating to or that is depression, I can not officially say given I an not a professional. For now however, try and keep the support you have now, or try and get some more. Having new hobbies or events can also help in keeping thought away. There are some distractions you may be able to use as well to help cope. Stay safe and stay strong, you can make it through this, especially with support and professional help. Live long and prosper.


9:33 am
Q: When ever I get angry, or annoyed with someone or something, I get disturbing visions/images in my mind of me killing people or animals. I would never ever do anything like this, ever. I just get the urge to hurt them. But I don't know if I have a serious problem or not. Can anyone help? ~SR

Hi there buddy,

I understand what you’re going through, I get similar homicidal thoughts, often quite graphic, and I also would never do anything like them, but it can be very worrying and distressing to have these thoughts. Just because you get these thoughts it doesn’t mean you have a serious problem, but they can arise from a mental health disorder or behavioural condition, unfortunately I’m not qualified to tell you what causes you to get these thoughts. I strongly reccommend that you talk to a doctor about them and about any other feelings you are experiencing, I know it can be scary but it is the right thing to do, these thoughts are quite common, and the doctor is not going to whack you in a straight jacket and wheel you off to a institution (that’s what I thought would happen when I was debating about whether or not to see the doctor). A quick search for homicidal thoughts suggests that they are in fact very common and often nothing to worry about, but to be safe, see the doctor.

Best of luck! :)


9:07 am
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Q: I was supposed to have my first ever therapy appointment today and she double booked herself so I got cancelled. To make it better, my first appointment my parent has to go in with me. I decided I'm not going to say a word if they're there. If I wanted them to know, i'd tell them and I wouldn't need a freaking therapist.

Hi there,

Oh, that’s pretty bad of the therapist, I’m sorry to hear that that happened, but I guess it gives you some time to prepare what you’re going to say. I know how you feel, I refused to talk to the doctors or the therapists with my mum there because like you say, as far as I’m concerned it completely defeats the point of going to see someone else. On my first session my mum came in with me, but I asked if she could go out of the room so I could talk and that worked out for me, I just got my mum to lay down some dates of events and tell the therapist how she felt, then she was out. It’s important that your parent and the therapist know that you want to talk alone, otherwise the session might be wasted and that’s a real shame.

Good luck, and I hope the session goes well :)


8:51 am
Q: My family's situation is really bad, we're running out of money and I want to cut but I'm afraid to even put something sharp to my skin, instead I'm just drawing all over myself and I just want to make everything better but the way we're living right now is going to kill my mom from stress soon. -Elize

Hi there Elize,

I’m sorry to hear all of this, it really makes me sad, it’s great that you aren’t cutting yourself, you’re really strong and drawing on yourself is much better. I think that you should draw on paper too, and paint beautiful things, I didn’t have any paints when I wanted to express myself but I found that it can all be done with a pencil, I think it’s a good way of keeping calm and expressing yourself. I’m sure you have a lot to express, you could try writing too, maybe try writing a journal, I found that it really helped to get through tough times for me, I hope it helps you too Elize.

If there is free counselling available for you in the medical system where you live, or in your school, it might be a good idea to try that as there must be a lot you need to talk about. I also think that your mom should get counselling too but I understand that might not be possible because of the cost.

You can write to us and talk to us about your situation too, we are here to listen if you want advice or if you just want to vent, we all care about you Elize and we want you to be okay, the best thing you can do for your mom is to be okay at the moment, I’m sure your mom worries about you, just try to be safe, you’ll make it through this.

Sending you lots of love and wishing happiness for you in these tough times,


8:42 am

Hello dear. 
Please call 911, you are in danger. If you can’t get all the meds up, you have to get help, either from a family member or 911. This is so dangerous! It’s not worth it, just keep trying to get them out and if you still feel bad in 10 minutes, call the 911. 

Lots of Love, sweetheart!

8:37 am
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Q: For the anon who needs help on math: Khan Academy is a really good free resource, they're these ten minute videos that explain a concept and give examples. I've used it for lots of my assignments, it helps a lot :)

For the anon who needs help on math
Thank you for your advice. 

Lots of Love, sweetheart!

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